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Je passe très prochainement mon oral d’anglais. je voudrais savoir si il y a des fautes grammaticales ou d’orthographe puisque je n’ai pas eu l’occasion de voir ma prof d’anglais récemment. d’avance !
a myth is an amazing past story to explain natural events or to justify religious beliefs. all cultures have myths.
a hero is someone who is admired for their courage, qualities, such as a role model. to rule you have to be a model.
so we can wonder to what extent british queens can be seen as symbolic figures or heros.
in this discussion, we will talk about the different objectif of the queens. then we will study their position as monarchs woman. finally we will talk about how they managed to get a their private life.

reign’s objectives
firstly, we studied in class their different objectives of reign.
the first queen elizabeth 1 wanted an empire so she colonised countries. it was during her reign that england won the spanish armada which was a huge victory.
the second one queen victoria was responsible for the expansion of the british empire for example she was responsible to the colonisation of india. she was named the empress of india. she was very criticised because she was very powerful.
finally queen elizabeth ii  is a simple person. she is more close to her people than the others. she is very determined and solitary woman.

to be a woman monarch
then , we have to  understand that  these monarchs were  woman .
queen elizabeth was the first queen so she was very criticised. she had disrupted the tradition. she made the impossible possible. we studied a extract in class about the events of edward's birth, the heir and elizabeth's brother. elizabeth’life as a child wasn’t a happy one because she was treated like a second-class citizen. however, during her reign, she managed to show her people that she was able to run the country. she is a hero against misogyny because she fought for women’s rights in the 16th century.
also to talk about queen elizabeth ii, who is still alive, it just shows that a lot of  things have changed. indeed, today, the succession on the throne is for the most aged child of the royal family. boy or girl, there is no difference.

private life
additionally, their private life is not really private.
queen elizabeth 1 never married she never had children so she was named the virgin queen.
then, in class we studied  a text about the relationship between queen victoria and abdul karim, one of her best friends, who was indian.
we know that abdul as an ambassador helped victoria to understand india (by its language, its which was an english territory. therefore, we can see that their political  and private  lives  were  linked.

as a conclusion, each of them had different objectives of reign either by conquering lands or just running the empire. they are really admired by english people. however, their life is not so enviable because they don't really have a private life. these  queens are symbolic figures of the british history. they are myths because they are the reflection of the glory of the united kingdom. later on, when queen elizabeth  ii died, the united kingdoms will get back to a king.

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