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Je suis un élève en seconde.
j'aimerai bien qu'on m'aide à perfectionner mon devoir d'anglais.
d'avance pour vos réponses!

charlie woke up early the next morning. he came down the stairs to have breakfast .his mother was already in the kitchen.
« did you sleep well charlie ? you look so tired. asked his mother
- yes, just it's the morning so i am not totally woken. »
after the breakfast, charlie went to his room with a matchbox. he wanted to smoke a cigarette, the one he stole in the shop of his dad yesterday night. he hoped thanks to that he would forget what happened the last night. he found that relaxing and calming . he was continuing smoke slowly when someone knocked at the door. he switched off quickly the cigarette , dispeled smokes and came down to see who is it. it was his dad . his eyes showed fear.
« darling, said the mother , why you look so…
- listen to me honey , i don't have much time so i do fast. i have to go because of the events. stay strong and take care of your health.
- what ? no, you can't….
- please, don't cry if not i will cry too
the door knocked again.
- please hurry up. said a gentle voice.
- yes, yes i arrive. responded the dad
he turned to charlie . the latter wanted so hugging his dad but he didn’t move a lot to him because he smelt yet the cigarette.
- i know you never appreciate me but just take this letter and read that alone.
the dad gave the letter to charlie. charlie was upset and destroyed by the emotion.
- take care of you and your mom, goodbye charlie. «
charlie’s eyes was red, on the one hand because he smocked before and on the other hand , he wanted to cry. he didn’t want to let his dad leave. the latter looked a last time charlie and his wife and went out of the house. charlie's mom cried very loudly. charlie was also distraught. he couldn’t event say at least « i love you dad « . then he reminded his dad left something for him : the letter. he went to his bedroom. he thought it was the best solution to let his mom crying to evacuate the sadness. he opened the letter and read :

dear charlie,

i did some things to protect you and your mom . these things were not honest therefore i was arrested. but i think the facts i did to be arrested are not important. i wrote this letter essentially to say to you how much i love you. excuse me to be not a good dad. excuse me to not be a model like the others dads. excuse me to not show enough affection for you. excuse me for all that. i was not a good dad but you have to know i loved, i love and i will love you forever.
your dear dad.

at the end of the reading. charlie screamed crying :
« n, why i smocked this cigarette, why i didn’t stop dad, why i was so stupid. ddy , where are you ? ddyy ! and charlie cried thinking about his dad. this only one cigarette spoilt his health and the only moment charlie had to show his affection to his dad.

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Je suis un élève en seconde.
j'aimerai bien qu'on m'aide à perfectionner mon devoir d'anglais....

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