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J'aimerais si possible avoir un avis sur ma synthese en anglais de la notion mythes et hérospour l'oral du bac et éventuellement un correction des fautes :
the notion i’m going to deal with is myths and heroes. first of all i’m going define this notion. a myth can be defined as a story about gods or heroes, it can be a popular belief or a tradition or a false notion. a hero can be a mythological figure, a person who is admired for his or her achievements, a courageous person who is ready to sacrifice himself to rescue other people’s or maybe a role model or an icon.
through these myths and heroes, societal values are established. so in relation to the notion myths and heroes, my presentation will deal with this question: is it useful for society to have « superheroes »?
to answer this question i will present first 2 documents: the first it’s a video, a documentary “the social function of superheroes” and the second is an extract web articles from douglas hyde for cnn. i would like let’s explain the origin of superheroes then, what the superheroes bring to society.

we are going to start by talking about the creation of superheroes that we all know like batman or superman. the first document explains that the superhero in the traditional sense is a person with superhuman ability and lives by strong moral code.
in deed, the original prototype of superhero is superman and was created by two jewish writers during the great depression. the others heroes debuted also in a context very sadness between the great depression and the second world war. furthermore, marvels’ captain america was created during the atrocities of the nazi reign in europe. effectively, the america of the twenty century engendered its heroes by these historical facts. they have supernatural powers that they put at the service of a collective destiny, the superheroes constitute at the same time a formidable universal fictional and diffused the america’s values.

now let's understand what these superheroes bring to society. in a world as crazy as ours people look for hope. can superheroes be that hope? the both document, are explain that superheroes was created in order to entertain people during the 1930s when the american dream is became a nightmare. in deed, superman was created to fight against tyranny in social and justices. also, marvels’ captain america, is a hero who busting the red skull a villains who personified the nazi terror. we’re getting more and more jaded by politicians, people in power, and businesses. that’s why i think everybody want to have an ideal. all this superheroes give a real hope for the society. this comic’s characters allow to people “to escape”. the superheroes inspire people to be morally better, make want to be there for their community and they give us regular folk the inspiration to do great things.

we may conclude by saying that, superheroes were born in the united states in the late 1930s as a four-colour rebuttal to the misery of the depression and the rise of fascism in europe. today, superheroes still with us today, and have an extremely positive effect on the people particularly on young minds and this is a wonderful precious thing!

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