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C'est important quelqun pourrait me corriger

-hello miss


-what do you wish?

-we are looking for a trip for this summer

-okay no problem you can sit down


-so to start do you have an idea where would you like to go? is it a family trip?

-we hesitate between canada, australia, and wales.

-oh, last year, i went to australia it was great, i advise to many customers, they always come back with a smile and lots of memories.

-yes, my friends, we have made a good return. we have a budget of 10,000 euros.

-there are activities you would never do in your life, the locals are adorable, the hospitality is wonderful. when do you want to leave?

-okay for the canada. we would like to leave from june 23rd to july 1st.

-okay, do you want to leave by boat, plane?

-by plane

-for canada, the place is 300 euros by people

-it's perfect

-here is your ticket. your plane is at 8: 00 am on monday, june 23rd and you arrive at 11: 00 pm according to the time difference of canada. you have 8 hours of flight. you fly to montreal airport.


-would you like to stay in a campsite, hotel, chalet or camper?

-we want to stay in a camper

-ok what i propose is to book a camper

-yes, it will be perfect

-what do you like to do as activities?

-we like to go to concerts and go to the zoo

- i propose to go to the concert by selena gomez and to visit the zoo in toronto

-ok, it's perfect how much are the places?

-the concert of selena gomez is at 200euros the place and the zoo 50 euros the place.

-ok, can i give me 2 places for the concert of selena gomez and 2 places for the zoo, please?

-no problem it will do 500 euros

- hold ( tu donne l'argent)

-hold ( tu donne les billets)

-i leave you a flyer of activities to do in canada

-thanks, goodbye


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C'est important quelqun pourrait me corriger

-hello miss



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